Curriculum for group study

Curriculum for group study
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Package includes:

º Access to downloadable study guide (a total of 50 pages in pdf form) that can be photocopied or emailed to your class or small group (up to 40 participants). Each of the six lessons features an authoritative essay, scriptural reflections, and study questions. Course length is either seven or nine weeks, depending on how you choose to watch the feature-length film.

º Access to a six-page leader’s guide, also downloadable, that will help you introduce this subject with sensitivity to your class or congregation, as well as usher you through each week’s lesson.

º A DVD of the award-winning documentary For the Bible Tells Me So (mailed separately; shipping is included in the price). For customers who already own a DVD copy of the film, please email to learn about your options.

PLEASE NOTE: The creators of this study have chosen a method of distribution – downloading the print material from this web site – that is intended to be both convenient and cost-effective to you. After purchase, you will have 10 days to download all print material through the account you establish on this site. You then will be licensed to offer the multi-week curriculum to one small group or class. Cost of renewing your license for additional groups is $20. Copies of the curriculum may be distributed to your class either by emailing the 8.5-inch-by-11-inch pdf’s or by making printouts or photocopies.

A legal agreement with the owners of the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So restricts the sale of the This I Know study to U.S. residents only.

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