This I Know

A multi-week companion study
to the award-winning documentary
For the Bible Tells Me So

This I Know study

Across the country, thousands of hearts have
been changed
by this powerful film on homosexuality and the church.

Now, this definitive multi-week study by nationally recognized authorities provides you with even more in-depth guidance through this controversial topic.


'This I Know' now for individual or group study.
(DVD will be mailed separately.)

“On the subject of homosexuality and Christian faith, this study guide is the best collection of information I have read in more than 25 years of standing with those children of God who happen not to be straight.”
– Peggy Campolo, author and lecturer

“This class cuts through the hype and sound bites that surround the issue and gets to the real feelings and situations
of families just like mine who live and work with friends and family who are gay. I am grateful for a study like this that allows folks to make up their own minds.”
– Dr. Bill Crowell, associate minister, Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, Tulsa, OK

“ With daring and honest words, the authors invite us to greet one another with open arms and open hearts. Theirs is a common call to compassion – to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This ancient truth, still bold, beckons us to risk with love.”
– The Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, religion director, the Chatauqua Institution, and former director, the National Council of Churches

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