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OCTOBER 18, 2010

Methodist newspaper singles out This I Know

The United Methodist Reporter, an independent national newspaper for United Methodists and other people of faith, has drawn attention to This I Know with a feature article in its Oct. 18 edition.

Managing editor Robin Russell focuses on the alarming rash of gay-related suicides, yet notes that "many churches, perhaps fearing controversy or afraid they'll offend someone, are often reluctant to talk about homosexuality."

Russell points out that, "while the United Methodist Church teaches that homosexual behavior is inconsistent with Christian teachings, its Book of Discipline also urges church members 'not to reject or condemn lesbian and gay members and friends.' The denomination's Book of Resolutions adds: 'We recognize that teens dealing with questions about sexual orientation are at a greater risk for suicide.' "

In the story, Eric Folkerth, senior pastor of Northaven United Methodist Church, publisher of This I Know, describes the study as "a call to conversation. There is no outcome agenda to the study itself."

SEPTEMBER 28, 2010

Huffington Post essay praises film and study

Respected religion writer Christine Wicker, author of The Fall of the Evangelical Nation, has filed a moving essay, entitled "Learning to Talk About God and Sex," on The Huffington Post that speaks to the potential impact of the combined forces of For the Bible Tells Me So and This I Know.

The course is "called This I Know, a title that (like the movie) borrows from the familiar children's hymn, 'Jesus Loves Me,' " Wicker writes. "It suits the material well because, from start to finish, the study is an invitation to move beyond fear and toward the radical, unconditional love that Christ modeled."

She continues: "It's in the context of his love that we can finally find our way through this mire and perhaps even reach the other side."

Wicker praises This I Know for "its tempered and even-handed approach."

"There's no doubt it has a particular point of view," she writes, "but it respectfully beckons its participants into discernment and discussion rather than dragging them by the collar into some ideological corner. 'Gay agenda' -- whatever that loaded phrase means -- is hardly what came to mind as I read it."

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010

For the Bible Tells Me So receives new honor

For the Bible Tells Me So has received yet another prestigious honor, this time from Entertainment Weekly. The Oct. 1 issue of the magazine has placed the documentary on its list of "Five Films That Have Changed the World."

Congratulations to filmmaker Daniel Karslake and the countless others who have contributed to this extraordinary project!

This accolade underscores the significance and the quality of the film that This I Know has partnered with -- as well as the importance of reaching out to even more audiences hungry for a new understanding about this divisive issue.

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