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It’s a topic that’s shattered families, divided communities – and threatens the future of the church. Now, a definitive new curriculum promises to break through these tensions and meet people where they are on the issue of homosexuality and Christianity.

“This I Know” has brought together an unprecedented roster of nationally recognized Christian authorities to allow participants to work through their questions and apprehensions in a safe, caring atmosphere.

Among the contributors to this non-denominational resource are evangelical leader Brian McLaren, biblical scholar Marcus Borg, Disciple Bible Study author Richard B. Wilke, influential theologian Jack Rogers, and Victor Paul Furnish, among the pre-eminent experts on the Apostle Paul.

Author-lecturer Peggy Campolo calls it “the best collection of information I have read in more than 25 years of standing with those children of God who happen not to be straight.”

The Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, former director of the National Council of Churches, describes the study as “a common call to compassion – to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This ancient truth, still bold, beckons us to risk with love.”

“This I Know” has been designed as a companion to “For the Bible Tells Me So,” the award-winning documentary that has already moved countless hearts and minds throughout the country.

For just $40, you will receive:

Access to 50 pages of the curriculum (in pdf form) that can be photocopied or emailed to up to 40 class members. Each of the six lessons features an authoritative essay, scriptural reflections, and study questions.

Access to the six-page leader’s guide that will help you introduce this subject with sensitivity to your class or congregation, as well as usher you through each week’s lesson.

A DVD of “For the Bible Tells Me So” (mailed separately).

Visit to learn more and order your copy.

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