More endorsements

Peggy Campolo, author and lecturer:
“On the subject of homosexuality and Christian faith, this study guide is the best collection of information I have read in more than 25 years of walking beside those children of God who happen not to be straight. In addition to being a wonderfully informative study guide to accompany the film For the Bible Tells Me So, This I Know stands on its own as a great book. It will inspire readers to love as Jesus loved, to have the courage to do justice, and to welcome into God’s house sisters and brothers who, for too long, have felt rejected.”

The Rev. Dr. Mel White, minister, author, filmmaker, and founder of Soulforce Inc.:
“Most materials on homosexuality and the Bible limit themselves to attacking or upholding the 'clobber' passages, but the authors of This I Know have gone far deeper into the more important questions that must be answered. The six essays are important, down-to-earth, and life-changing. It's my hope that people on both sides will take the time and energy to read this study, then discuss it with their friends and – by the grace of God – with their adversaries. The time has come to stop yelling across the distance and sit down and work through the hard stuff together.”

Christine Wicker, noted religion writer and best-selling author, in an essay posted on The Huffington Post:
"There's no doubt [This I Know] has a particular point of view, but it respectfully beckons its participants into discernment and discussion rather than dragging them by the collar into some ideological corner. "Gay agenda" - whatever that loaded phrase means - is hardly what came to mind as I read it ...

"Collaboratively, For the Bible Tells Me So and This I Know finally put Christ back where he belongs in this issue -- front and center. It's in the context of his love that we can finally find our way through this mire and perhaps even reach the other side."

Kay Gabbert, study group leader, West End United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN:
"The study guide and the film provide wonderful stories and excellent information that allow discussion of a topic that is too often ignored in churches. The material provoked some of the richest and most honest conversation I've ever encountered, in church and out. Like many conversations worth having, it isn't always easy, but it is always important."

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